Our first collection pays homage to various towns in the central region, where our factory is located, and to their tradition in the art of woodworking, naming the pieces we design and produce, which will shape a space of their own, with its functional, versatile and sustainable characteristics.

Handmade pieces in which each one is different and unique within the equality of the design.


The collection was designed by architect Filipa Taborda.

Physical and organic forms. From construction to personality. Everything is a shape.

Addressing the space between positive and negative forms, it is in people that he finds the ultimate vision. How their presence influences and is influenced by the settings, linking every moment to detail: texture to color, light to shadow, empty to full; to conceive a secret romance that moves visual realities between mass and vacuum. 

It's in the details that you discover a person and it's also how you create a space. Inside and out.

Filipa Taborda | shape inside out


The pieces presented are protected under the terms of the Copyright Code, in favor of Filipa Taborda.


Photography: Mariana Sousa

Images: Attic 6