Wood is a natural product and is therefore not free from knots, stains, heterogeneity in tone, darker or lighter veins, warping, etc. The same applies to stone, as it may have stains, uneven tones, inconsistent veining, etc.
The images on this site are representative and, taking into account the naturalness of the materials used, there may be differences in visual appearance from piece to piece or even between the components of the same piece. In this sense, no two pieces will be the same, as they are unique.
Our products have been developed for indoor use in conditions of reduced humidity and controlled temperature. Exposure of wood products to abnormal conditions may cause warping or other irreversible anomalies in the elements.
More aggressive liquids (such as wine, coffee, vinegar, lemon, etc.) are easily absorbed by wood and stone, causing deep and irreparable stains. It is therefore very important to dry spillages immediately.
The use of coasters or other waterproof protective elements is recommended. 

Cleaning the wooden elements:
- Use a soft cloth (especially a microfibre cloth) that has only been slightly dampened with water and squeezed well. Then wipe with a dry cloth;
Cleaning the stone elements: 
- Clean stone surfaces with a neutral detergent or dishwashing detergent and warm water. Use a soft, clean cloth for best results. Do not use products containing lemon, vinegar or other acids. Do not use cleaning powders or creams; these products contain abrasives that can scratch the surface.