A bit of contemporary tradition in your space.

HEME is a Portuguese brand that is the brainchild of a collective of creatives, designers and architects with an interest in furniture design and artistic compositions.

We exist to create unique and timeless, functional and chameleon-like pieces with a seductive and controversial aesthetic that positively mark our clients' lives.

Each piece contains a unique experience of transformation, from the raw material to the meticulously thought-out designs that culminate in pieces with high-quality detail and rigor - this is only possible by combining the experience of artisans with the most advanced technology and the critical thinking of our collective.

HEME believes that sustainability is more than a propaganda concept, sustainability is our working principle. Creating garments that respect our world and in no way compromise future generations is our goal. That's also why one of the main characteristics of our garments is durability.

We favor the use of noble materials such as solid wood of controlled origin, responsibly sourced from well-managed forests, and natural stone from environmentally and socially responsible quarries. As well as taking care in the choice and provenance of raw materials, our methods include the responsible treatment of waste. 

At HEME, all the pieces are produced in our factory in Maceira in the district of Leiria, located in the center of the country. This is an area with a tradition of woodworking, which began in shipbuilding, cooperage - the manufacture of containers for storing wine - or in the production of wooden spoons and handmade sticks, an ancient art. Nowadays, many pieces of carpentry and joinery are shipped from this region to various parts of Portugal and beyond.


Shaping spaces, shaping objects, shaping details.

Pieces created to belong to spaces and to those who live in them, becoming part of the tradition of each of the users who enjoy them, from generation to generation, because the quality of the materials used - solid wood and natural stone - endure over time, as do the traditional pieces made in this region, thus making tradition come from the past into the future.